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KidsSpell.com is the absolutely free and totally fun way to improve ability to learn and retain spelling words.  Teachers and parents can load students’ spelling words, creating customized spelling practices, or you can use one of the over 350 preloaded spelling lists with over 6,600 words.

Spelling Lists & Lessons

You can select from one of our spelling lists or create your own. Lists begin with lesson # 1, which are age appropriate for a 6-7 year old, and progress through lesson # 412 which is age appropriate for 15-18+ years old.

Spelling lessons have been developed on the principle of line by line, step by step learning. Early lessons are shorter and consist of a variety of basic starter words. As the student progresses, both the difficulty of words presented as well as the length or number of words in each spelling list increases.

Completing all 412 lessons will take approximately 10 years if completed at a pace of one per week. They can be completed even faster if students work on them through the summer.

Spelling Games

Once you have selected a list, play one of our many free spelling games.  These spelling games have been designed to improve spelling abilities in a fun way that your students will love.

Repetition is the Key to Success

Spelling words will first be committed to your students short-term memory. Having the words in their short-term memory will allow them to pass spelling tests with a high percentage of accuracy. However, the goal is to help students commit the words to their life-long body of knowledge. To make these spelling words rote, students MUST repeat spelling activities frequently, and regularly, preferably over a period of one week. As a Parent or Teacher, you may feel that your student is ready to move on to the next list after only a few spelling sessions. You are highly encouraged to have them continue practicing the same list anyway. Remember, the goal is not to get through the lists as fast as possible, rather, the goal is to learn how to spell.

Note to Parents and Teachers

Students are able to load and save customized spelling lists. Lists can than be used with one or more students to practice current spelling words. All the games and activities on this website will use your own spelling list, reinforcing what is being taught in the classroom.  Custom spelling lists can be saved and linked to a classroom website.

Which spelling list is right for your student?  Students should NOT be encouraged to work on spelling lists that are too difficult for them. Doing so will likely frustrate and discourage your student. Instead, you should start with the basic lessons, and allow your student to progress at their own pace. The average rate of lesson completion is one lesson per week. If they do well, move them up quickly, perhaps at a rate of two or three lessons in a single sitting. When lessons begin to challenge your students, you should slow down to the average of one lesson a week.
How do I know when I have found my students starting point?  For Teachers and Parents finding your students starting point is the most challenging part of using KidsSpell.com – Helping Your Students Improve Spelling. A few rules will help you determine on which list to begin your student. First, can your student easily spell 80% or more of the words on a list? If they can, then you should move them to the next list, if not, move them down. In this context the word ‘Easily’, means that they are able to spell the word without hesitation, or difficulty. Students who spell the word correctly, but who also hesitate, probably need more practice for the spelling word to become rote, or innate.